Nejang Tibetan Yoga

Welcome to Zone 108 of the Rime Foundation, where you will be able to practice Yoga Nejang.
What is Nejang Yoga?
It is a body workout that specifically balances internal energy, opens channels and relaxes the mind.
Nejang (Nedziang ) means cleansing places that harbor energy in the body. Because of its properties, it is recommended as an exercise for patients because it alleviates diseases in the body and mind. It is often used in healing to balance internal energies.
Most of the exercises are very gentle and suitable for people of all ages. Many complement spiritual practice and meditation, others strengthen the physical skeleton of the body, and all have specific uses for chronic conditions.
Each session begins with nine cleansing breaths that bring the mind into balance.
In Warsaw, the class will be led by Adrian Robak, who has been a certified Neyang Yoga instructor since 2017.