QiGong Flying Crane At Wesoła Cultural Center

QiGong Flying Crane – program:

– learning proper posture taking into account the main joints and spine and the center of gravity
– learning to connect with Heaven and Earth
– learning to breathe (with the chest, abdomen – lower Dantien, whole body in connection with Heaven and Earth)
– learning to relax the skin, muscles, fascia, internal organs, joints and bones
– learning to enter a state of qigong (conscious unity: breath, dynamic or static form and mindful being in the moment)
– learning to observe the interdependence of external and internal phenomena (stimuli perceived by the 5 senses)
– learning to take one’s own conscious actions in response to the above stimuli (be the blacksmith of your fate)

Instructor Maciej Topolewski: I have been a student of Master Liu Zhongchun since 2002, and since 2012 as an instructor I have been leading my groups in Gdansk, Warsaw, Lodz and Hong Kong as well as individual students around the world. In 2015, I completed a three-month qigong course in China, where, by the recommendation of Master Liu Zhongchun, I deepened my skills at the training center of another outstanding qigong master, Liu Faxiang. Since then, I have been training regularly with Master Faxiang in approximately monthly courses.