We are enthusiasts of Tibetan and The Far East culture in general. When in 2016 one of our future patrons Beru Khyentse Rinpoche was preparing for the visit, we decided to bring to life Rime Foundation, to provide opportunity for drawing on rich, Tibetan culture. The culture that is inviting one to develop of spiritual path and supports functioning of human being in everyday life.

During the 6 years of the existence of Rime Foundation, we have organized more than 160 days of courses, exhibitions, readings, concerts of Tibetan music and lectures. We run open days, period workshops and theme courses.

We cooperate with many entities and foundations such as Faculty of Oriental Studies, Library of Warsaw University, Rogaty Budda Foundation, Sorig Khang Organization, Hope for Mundial, White Grain Foundation and BIA Foundation.

The Library of Rime Foundation has within its resources great books related to Tibetan culture, including unique ones.
We conduct classes for OPS, we have conducted pioneer mindfulness classes for Military Unit.

In the Foundation itself, there is a regular occurrence of meditation courses, mindfulness, MBSR, courses of Tibetan language.