RIME FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization.

KRS: 0000620500
NIP: 5213736590
REGON: 364579558
registered address:
02-758 Warsaw
55/18 Śródziemnomorska St.


Elwira Bocheńska
Krzysztof Witkowski


Prezes Zarządu: Elwira Bocheńska
Członek Zarządu: Leszek Kasprowicz
Dyrektor Fundacji: Krzysztof Witkowski


Chapter I. General Provisions.
Section 2
(1) The Foundation shall have legal personality.
(2) The Foundation shall operate in accordance with the provisions of the Act of April 6, 1984 on Foundations (Journal of Laws of 1991, No. 46, item 203, as amended) and this Status.
(3) The headquarters of the Foundation is the city of Warsaw.
(4) The operating area of the Foundation is Republic of Poland.
(5) In order to properly carry out the statutory and economic objectives, the Foundation may also conduct activities outside the borders of the Republic of Poland.
(6) The Foundation may for the purpose of cooperation with foreign countries, use the translation of the name of the Foundation in foreign languages.
(7) The duration of the Foundation has not been limited.
(8) The Foundation may establish branches, plants, branches, as well as join civil and commercial companies, as well as other foundations.
(9) The competent minister for the Foundation is the Minister responsible for culture and national heritage.

Paragraph 4
The purpose of the foundation is:
1. to support, develop, promote and protect Tibetan culture,
2. popularization of humanistic values of Tibetan culture in the public consciousness,
3. support through educational activities the popularization of Tibetan culture, arts and traditional values,
4. to develop and strengthen attitudes aimed at active cooperation for the development of Tibetan culture and art.

Paragraph 5
The Foundation pursues its objectives through:
– organizing meetings, lectures and cultural events funded by the Foundation,
– providing scholarships to persons undertaking the study of Tibetan language, art or culture at home or abroad,
– implementing, as well as financing or supporting periodical, book, Internet and electronic publishing projects,
– collecting book collections, collecting periodicals and other information materials on Tibetan culture and art, and maintaining a library in this regard,
– supporting the translation of texts related to Tibetan culture, art and tradition,
– collecting objects of Tibetan material culture, and supporting the development of handicrafts in this regard,
– educational and informational activities financed by the Foundation,
– financial and material support of organizations oriented to the transmission of Tibetan culture,
– developing contacts, exchanging information and experience with individuals, legal entities and other organizations related to Tibetan culture,
– supporting the acquisition or construction of centers for the promotion of Tibetan traditions and culture. This also includes the preservation and protection of historic buildings insofar as they
are used as headquarters for such centers,
– charitable activities,
– carrying out informational, educational, promotional, training, research and publishing activities financed by the Foundation, serving the statutory purposes of the Foundation,
– providing administrative and support activities with respect to the office and headquarters of the Foundation.